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Michael Nakamura

 Friend, Mentor, Moment Grabber 


Share my years of experience


Teach you about you. Your likeness is your best asset. Leverage, know how to, and be the best version of you, for you.

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I will deliver more than you expect. The result will be a vision of leveraged light, location and the very real you.


This is not about what I can do for you, this is about you creating something special. The result will be confidence building and something to cherish forever.

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My dad gave me my first camera and I never looked at the world the same way since. I love capturing people at their best. Taking the everyday person and making them FEEL SPECIAL IS WHAT I DO. YOU WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU FELT WHEN YOU SEE THE FINAL RESULT.
Obviously, people are my favorite subjects. MUCH OF THE WEBSITE imagery comes from training other photographers in our inspired art. Helping people be the best they can be is what drives me the most. So I encourage you to see this website as a reflection of what you are capable of. Being a part of something you collaborated to build and create. the art, that is you.
As much of the FINAL imagery is private and kept in a special place at home, these images are EXAMPLES REFLECTING A LOT of commercial work IN THE women’s sportswear, weddings and wearable INDUSTRIES.

Drop me a line.

It’s not that hard, let’s chat and discuss what you’re interested in creating.

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