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personalized Commercial studio photography


I capture people at their best. Getting to know you, earning your trust, making you laugh and most importantly, drawing on your confidence produces unexpected results. Call it a style? Maybe, it’s just asking you to be you. Enjoy the website, the photography is MOSTLY from classes I’ve taught to grow friends personally and professionally. Witness models learning to be models and photographers learning the art of studio lighting. This website is my reminder to keep growing artistically and never think of myself as “good enough.”
LOL, Bring me a Diet Coke and lets talk about what you’d like to do for yourself. SHARE Your vision. BRING ME a magazine ad you SEE YOURSELF IN. What I do for you, is for you. SO LET’S MAKE SOMETHING special TOGETHER. I WILL HANDLE THE TECHNICAL PART, YOU JUST MUSTER THE COURAGE TO COME in AND TRY.